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About Us

About Us

The Wellington Health Care Alliance (WHCA) is comprised of three, rural, acute care hospitals: Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus, and North Wellington Health Care, with hospital sites in Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) and Palmerston (Palmerston and District Hospital). 

Each hospital provides a comprehensive range of surgical, inpatient and outpatient services; including 24/7 emergency and obstetrical care.

WHCA is an administrative alliance that was formed to provide a strong, consistent voice for rural health care. We value the strength we have with our health care partners across the Waterloo-Wellington region. 

Patient Declaration of Values


Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Dr. Abraham Groves (1847-1935) was a famous surgeon in Fergus, Ontario.

He was a pioneer in the use of antiseptics and sterilization, stomach surgery, and X-ray treatment for cancer. Dr. Groves was the first surgeon in Canada to perform an appendectomy; before that, people with appendicitis died.

Almost from the beginning of his practice, his ability and skill as a surgeon began to be recognized, and the demands for his professional services grew rapidly.

He opened a hospital, the Royal Alexandra, in Fergus in 1902 and included a nursing school.

Dr. Groves gave the hospital to Fergus in 1935 and it was rebuilt as the Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision: Your Health Matters

Our mission: Together, advancing exceptional care and wellness

Our values:  We are compassionate, respectful, innovative, professional and collaborative

Organizational Chart

Senior Management Team

Angela Stanley

President and CEO

Kate Kobbes
Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive
Dr. Patrick Otto
Chief of Staff
Cameron Yates
Vice President, Support Services and CIO
Rosemarie Auld
Chief Human Resources Officer
James McDevitt
Vice President, Corporate Services and CFO

2021-23 Strategic Plan

Thank you to all staff, physicians and volunteers who participated in the engagement sessions to help develop the Wellington Health Care Alliance Strategic Plan 2021-2023.
We are pleased to share the attached plan with you, which has been approved by our Boards.
The Strategic Plan explains what we are going to focus on over the next three years in order to realize our Mission, Vision and Values:
Vision: Your Health Matters
Mission: Together, advancing exceptional care and wellness
Values: We are compassionate, respectful, innovative, professional and collaborative
The Strategic Directions that are included in the plan will help us to focus on what is most important:
  • Best possible care and experience, informed by our patients
  • Inspired people – feeling valued, performing their best
  • Optimize system resources to deliver seamless care
  • Accountable organizations, meeting community needs, through a strong Alliance
The plan includes many of our key goals that will be reviewed each year as we make progress in the achievement of our four key strategic directions. 

Click here to view our full plan.


Groves Memorial Community Hospital