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Nursing Opportunities

If you are looking for a work environment of friendliness, professional encouragement and support than Groves Memorial Community Hospital is for you!

How are we different? Our hospital provides a sense of belonging, you are part of a team that knows you. Every day is different, in rural medicine you get to utilize all your skills instead of just one specialty. We have horse and buggy parking but also have electric car charging stations, we are versatile and continue to be innovative with our technology and carbon footprint.

If you are looking for something different, work with us. Many of our staff came from larger city centres looking for a quieter home and work life.

Our catchment area includes three, rural, acute care hospitals:

  • Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  • Louise Marshall Hospital
  • Palmerston & District Hospital

Serving the communities of:

  • Centre Wellington (Elora, Fergus, Belwood)
  • Minto-Mapleton (Clifford, Drayton, Harriston, Palmerston)
  • Mount Forest and Area (Mount Forest, Arthur, Southgate)

See below the great ways that we are deliberately different than the rest!

We are Rural, but not Remote

We are Close-Knit

We Wear Many Hats

Balance is Our Superpower!

Location Matters in Paying Off Student Loans

Did someone say FREE parking?

Learn More about our Nursing Extern Program

We are hiring Nurse Externs!

The clinical extern will be working in the capacity as unregulated health care provider. Nursing clinical externs work in collaboration with a unit nursing team under direct and/or indirect supervision of an appointed registered nursing professional. They may perform pre-identified Controlled Acts authorized to nursing within the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) of Ontario delegated to them under the supervision of a nursing professional who is authorized to perform them. Externs will be hired on contract, during which the Extern will work part time hours to a maximum of full-time hours (37.5 hours per week). The scheduling of these hours will be determined based on unit needs and may include day/evening/night and weekend shifts.

Job Requirements
• Nursing Students in any year of study and enrolled in a CNO approved baccalaureate or diploma nursing program 
• Demonstrated evidence of excellent academic standing
• Current certificate in Basic Cardiac Life Support required
• Completion of mandatory/required certifications provided via corporate orientation, including extern orientation, and as defined by unit (e.g., Fit Test, WHIMS, AODA, IP&C)
• Demonstrated infection prevention and control practices
• Effective interpersonal and communication skills
• Successful completion of a recent clinical placement in an acute care area preferred
• Students who have successfully completed a recent clinical placement preferred

For more information on extern positions visit:

For Groves Memorial Community Hospital - Click Here

For North Wellington Heath Care - Click Here
(Louise Marshall and Palmerston Hospitals)

Community Commitment Nursing Program

The Community Commitment Nursing Program (CCPN) provides incentives (up to $25,000) to eligible nurses in exchange for a two-year commitment to their employer.

Here are the eligibility requirements for the CCPN for both employers and nurses.

To be eligible for the CCPN bonus incentive program, a nurse must:

  • Not have been employed as a nurse in Ontario in the six months prior to being hired;
  • Hold a Certificate of Registration in good standing from the College of Nurses of Ontario;
  • Begin employment no later than March 31, 2024;
  • Commit to two-years of employment at a full-time work schedule offered by the employer; and
  • Not simultaneously receive funds from the Ministry of Health for the Tuition Support Program for Nurses.

Groves Memorial Community Hospital