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Flowers and Balloons

We do not permit latex balloons in the hospital due to allergies.

However, mylar balloons are permitted (the silver, shiny balloons).

We ask you avoid bringing in flowers with a strong scent, such as lilies. Scented products can trigger allergic reactions.

Scent Free Policy

Groves Memorial Community Hospital has a scent free policy.

Please do not wear scented perfumes, or use scented soaps or lotions when planning to visit the hospital. Many patients and staff members have allergies to perfumes.

Pet Policy

Animals are not permitted in the hospital.

However, registered service animals are permitted within Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Service animals are required to have identification upon entering the hospital, be at least one year old and must have an annual certificate (not required to be carried).

Smoking Policy

Groves Memorial Community Hospital is a smoke-free environment.

Smoking/Vaping is prohibited on hospital property.

Photography/Videography/ Audio Recording Policy

Groves Memorial Community Hospital Patients and their families often bring photographic equipment or camera/video equipped cellular devices with them into hospital for the purposes of taking personal family photos. Guidance for the acceptable use of such devices is provided in hospital policy to protect the privacy of patients and staff.  The policy aligns with hospital’s model of patient and family-centered care.  Consent must be obtained and care taken to ensure that such photographs/recordings  do not inadvertently capture images of other patients or staff/visitors.  The use of such devices must not compromise patient care, distract or interfere with hospital business. 

Groves Memorial Community Hospital