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Awards, Accolades and Acquisition at the Recent Hospital Board Meeting


December 3, 2018



Awards, Accolades and Acquisition at the Recent North Wellington Health Care and Groves Memorial Community Hospital Joint Board Meeting

Mount Forest, ON…The Boards for North Wellington Health Care (NWHC) and Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) recently met to discuss the results of a recent national quality survey, long-term service and Cancer Care Ontario awards and the purchase of new lifesaving equipment.

Both Boards were pleased to hear that NWHC and GMCH received Accreditation with Commendation until September 2022. “NWHC and GMCH voluntarily participate in a quality survey program called Accreditation —to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve.” explains Stephen Street, NWHC and GMCH, President and CEO. “Overall, we achieved 95% of Accreditation Canada's National Quality Standards.” Both corporations were praised for going beyond the requirement of the Qmentum accreditation program and were commended for their commitment to quality improvement.

The Boards discussed the long-term Employee and Physician Service Awards that were recently given out at their Corporate Appreciation Award Event. In total 33 staff and a physician received 10+ years, 15 staff and a physician received 20+ years, 4 staff received 30+ years, 5 staff and a physician received 40+ years and a remarkable 3 staff received 45+ years. “It is an honour and privilege to work along with this dedicated group of staff and physicians.” states Street. “We are delighted to celebrate their success.”

GMCH Board were very happy to hear that Groves Hospital’s Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) was the top performer in the province for the percentage of OBSP clients diagnosed within seven weeks of an abnormal screen (for cases with a tissue biopsy). GMCH also exceeded the provincial annual improvement target. OBSP is a province-wide, organized cancer screening program that provides high-quality breast cancer screening throughout Ontario to two groups of women.

The OBSP program recommends that:

  • most women ages 50 to 74 be screened every 2 years with mammography
  • women ages 30 to 69 who are confirmed to be at high risk of getting breast cancer be screened once a year with a mammogram and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (or,if MRI is not medically appropriate, screening breast ultrasound). 


NWHC and GMCH approved a $1 million contract award for new central cardiac monitors for all three hospital sites. Cardiac monitoring allows for hospital staff to measure a number of patient vitals such as heart rhythm, pulse rate, breathing, blood pressure etc. These systems are critical diagnostic and monitoring tools in the provision of lifesaving patient care. The NWHC and GMCH hospitals are collectively purchasing the equipment. “We are maximizing our donor dollars by participating in a provincial buying group to get the best price for this vital equipment.” states Street. “Having standardized equipment across all three of our hospital sites makes it easier for training staff and servicing the equipment.”   The Board expressed appreciation to our three Foundations for their work in our community to fundraise for this life saving equipment.


Media Contact:

Alison Armstrong 


Groves Memorial Community Hospital