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Groves Hospital/North Wellington Health Care Impact Analysis Voluntary on Integration



May 3, 2019


Fergus, ON…The Boards for Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) and North Wellington Health Care (NWHC) recently met to complete a governance review of the Wellington Health Care Alliance, and to discuss the new Ontario Health System Reforms.

The Boards have directed the GMCH/NWHC Chief Executive Officer and Chiefs of Staff, to prepare an impact analysis of a potential voluntary Integration of the two hospital corporations. “The Ontario Government is implementing major health care reform changes which will impact all Ontario hospitals and health care partners – by integrating we feel we will have a stronger voice to advocate for our rural health care services.” states Ian Hornsby, GMCH Board Chair.


“NWHC and GMCH have a long history of working together and we share a common vision, mission, values and strategic plan.” states Brian McMahon, NWHC Board Chair. “Louise Marshall Hospital and Palmerston & District Hospital formed an Alliance relationship in 1996 and then fully amalgamated in 2001 to become NWHC. We then partnered with GMCH in 2005 to create the Wellington Health Care Alliance.”


“Working together we have been able to provide a broader range of services, improve health care for our patients, attract Specialist support, maximize resources and keep care close to home.” explains Hornsby.  We would like to better understand what the benefits are to patients if we were to amalgamate and if it would add value or end up costing the system more.


“The impact analysis will include, at minimum, a community engagement strategy, risk analysis, communication plan, financial impact, and a draft implementation plan.” states Stephen Street, GMCH/NWHC President and CEO. “The plan will be presented to the NWHC/GMCH Boards in the fall. We have already met with staff and physicians to begin the discussions. At the center of all the discussions will be how can we together achieve our mission to advance exceptional care and wellness for our patients?”


Community updates will be made available through our local newspaper and on our hospital websites: and



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