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NWHC OB Redirect Media Release


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North Wellington Health Care temporarily redirects their obstetrical services

North Wellington Health Care’s (NWHC) Palmerston and District Hospital and Louise Marshall Hospital will temporarily redirect obstetrical (OB) services from June 6, 2022, to September 6, 2022.

“This change is necessary as we are dealing with challenges in recruiting nurses trained in obstetrics to fill vacancies and providing opportunities for our new nurses to gain competencies in OB care,” states Angela Stanley, President and CEO, NWHC. “While this temporary closure will impact less than ten of our patients between the two hospital sites, we recognize the impact this will have on our communities. Any OB patient should check with their physicians to determine the best care plan. We have worked closely with our neighbouring hospitals and midwifery groups to notify them of the potential for increased volumes.”

“Currently, there is a global health care human resources shortage,” explains Kate Kobbes, VP Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive, NWHC. “We have been able to recruit some new nurses however training in obstetrics is an issue. Our birth volumes are very low at NWHC which makes it a challenge for our nurses to feel comfortable and confident in their skills with the low frequency.”

“We are actively recruiting for new nurses, physicians, and all healthcare providers in a very competitive market.” explains Stanley. “We have launched a new health care recruitment campaign; we are working with the colleges and universities to train health care staff in our hospitals, we are holding job fairs, and creating opportunities for full time employment.”

If you are interested in working at NWHC please visit our website at:  or


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